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  1. Hi,

    I've burned a blank dvd+rw with my Pioneer DVR-555H (copy a movie from hdd->dvd) to build a nice menu with my computer.

    All is fine. After I copy the dvd and author it, I format and burn the dvd with Nero to test it. All is OK too.

    But now I can't use this dvd anymore in my Pioneer dvr-555h recorder. It always ask for a recordable dvd. I've tried a full format with nero and imgbrun without success. The initialize menu on the pionner is greyed only for this disk.

    So, how can I blank it to be able to use it with the recorder ?

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    Try erasing the disc in your PC with Imgburn
    Read my blog here.
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  3. I already tried it, with a quire and a full success.

    With a dvd-rw It works fine. why not with a +rw ?
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    Don't know. Never use + anything myself (sorry - should have noticed earlier you were using +RWs).
    Read my blog here.
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  5. I Have a Liteon unit and use a large number of +RW disks

    When using Nero to [ful]l erase these disks I do Not Allow Nero To Format the Disks, Nor do I Preform Any Format . To do so results in a situation as mentioned.

    I place the NON Format Disk in the Liteon and than do an erase [ that also formats the disk to the Liteon s liking and the disk works fine
    I dont know if the case is similar for the Pioneer bt it may be worth a try

    PS ---edit
    The unit will recognize the disk as a Blank DVD and most ofet will format the disk but sometimes I have to go the erase route
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  6. Now it works.

    In fact I tried a quick and full format with ImgBurn => No success
    I tried a full format with Nero => now it's ok, I had successfully initialized my dvd+rw in the recorder like if it was a empty new disk.
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  7. Great

    When you said "full format with Nero" and "empty new disk
    Do I assume correctly that Full Erase and no format was meant
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    I have a Sony RDR-HX750 (Pioneer clone), and I have a same problem...
    The full format with Nero -> no success...
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  9. Im not a great Sony Fan but you say its a Pioneer clone
    The process I gave was for a Liteon/ilo unit but would seem to work for [cd090580] in the Pioneer unit
    Make sure you do not FORMAT the disks. Just Erase them. Some disks will need to have this done more than once and some disks will be coasters. This is usually caused by trying to correct a problem that only makes it worse.

    Almost 2 years ago because of my errors in trying to correct problems, I had some 15 +RW coasters.Since than I have not had any problems or +RW coasters. The +RW disks have been used many times with no problems

    When using a +RW disk I do NOT do a partial erase or any over-write. I feel the +RW does not like this at all. I erase the entire disk using the Liteon unit and this seems to work once any issue of the +RW disk is corrected. Rarely, only when I goof, do I have to go the Full erase route.
    I feel this is a Disk handling issue and would seem, relative to all units.

    To explain
    I have a number of +RW disks as they can be used in a ilo unit that only accepts + disks.
    I feel the disks are OK but have been miss-handled by the machine or the operator [myself included]

    The original DVD drives in the liteon units [or firmware] were not reliable with a +RW disk. This was corrected when I replaced liteon PC drives in all my units. I do not think this equipment problem is the case with a Pioneer,
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    I've run into this problem before with my Pio 640.

    Avoid making any changes to the original RW disk itself.
    If you have to reauthor ...just use it only as a source disk.

    Any changes to the original RW can cause trouble when back in the Pioneer.

    When you're done extracting the video files...
    DO NOT reformat or erase the RW in your computer.....
    Return it to the Pio to either initialize it again, or unfinalize, then erase.....and reuse.

    hope this helps.
    Losing one's sense of humor....
    is nothing to laugh at.
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  11. Do not use the +RW disk for anything but a source

    A Quote
    DO NOT reformat or erase the RW in your computer.

    I would agree. and said this --- Do Not Format the Disk in a PC or with anything. Only with the recorder. A Full Erase in a PC is at Times Necessary and will do no harm.. Let the Unit Initalize/Format the Disk

    A +RW Disk is Not Finalized or Un-finalized . <---> A RW Is
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  12. This works for LG recorders on +RW discs that have been originally formatted/used in a computer ... not sure about yours ...

    Just burn a UDF only DVD, finalized, with a text file or something. When I pop the resulting disc in the LG recorder, it asks if I want to format it. Then it's good to go as a DVD+VR .
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    Originally Posted by LCSHG
    A +RW Disk is Not Finalized or Un-finalized . <---> A RW Is
    You can Finalize a +RW. From the Pio 640 manual:

    "DVD+RW discs dont generally need
    finalizing. However, if you want a title menu
    to appear when you play the disc, then you
    will need to finalize. When using a
    DVD+RW, you can still record and edit even
    after finalizing. although the title menu will
    disappear if you do so. Finalize the disc
    again to generate a new title menu."
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  14. I will stand on my comments on the +RW disks
    They are not to be finalized.
    Every bit of real info on these disks says [They do not require finalizing]

    Unfortunately much of any units info on these disks is vague and leads to a mishandling of the +RW and a user condemning the disks, when they are not at fault.

    To start
    I use mainly the Liteon/ilo units but also some others..
    All these units will not even attempt to finalize a +RW disk
    Let me say that the menu for burned disks in the liteon [Sucks] but because of its many other features I live with it. Using the original DVD drive, they handled +RW disks poorly, [a nice term for Rotten] and had no info for them.

    The Pioneer is most highly rated by many that use it and their opinions are respected.
    In one section of the manual it speaks of initializing a +RW disk for Video or VR mode. Than on different pages it speaks of problems that might be encountered. Than speaks to a menu that could be lost and can only be brought back by finalizing.
    Is it being said that the Pioneer is finalizing, un-finalizing, finalizing, etc a disk that is not to be finalized? I dont think so.
    I dont believe that Pioneer is using the proper terminology, and is trash talking the problems associated with +RW,
    Just to emphasize. The Pioneer allowed a user to select a resolution and bit rate. This was Great when used by those that understood a proper ratio but when used indiscriminately, most often lead to a bum disk.

    The pioneer is a very good unit but has its quirks as others do. Its up to the user to understand these issues

    A DVD Recorder is not like the old VCR

    I think the posts by [cd090580] and others attest to problems associated with a +RW disk in most any machine

    Whatever machine is used

    A +RW Disk Is Not TO Be Finalized. ---- [or partially erased]
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    Panny's also do not like +RW discs. They have the same missing top menu without finalizing, like Wajo's Pio.
    The +RW's also have awful search characteristics in all my Panny's. Either the search speed is VERY slow (like 4x tops) or EXTREMELY fast(like 5min/second).
    +R discs react the same for searching, but after finalizing they gain back all there search speeds. The +RW's never gain back good search speeds, even after finalizing(creating a top menu). Hence I never use + media.
    I'm sure + media works fine in machines designed around them, like a Philips or Liteon unit, but not on units like Panny's which I think only allow recording to + media for a advertising ploy, to say it records to ALL media.
    IMO a person should use the media + or - that the machine was DESIGNED to record. Not just ABLE to record to.
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  16. jjeff

    [+RW Disks are Not Finalized}

    +RW disks are always open for a additional info, free space permitting, and will play in MOST newer recorders
    -RW disks are open for addirional info until finalized and must be to play on other units
    Both can be erased and reused.

    Many Panasonic units do not handle + disks
    But do in Units such as the DMR-ES15s, { +R, +R DL and a +RW are specified disks along with their disk counter parts

    On page 35 of the manual there is mention of finalizing a disk . Than a mention of a top menu not avail on the +RW. Than a mention of finalizing a +R, +R DL
    No mention of a +RW
    I think most manuals for any unit Lack proper instructions and questionable Info in a number of areas

    A guy in the neighborhood has A Panasonic DMR-ES15Hs that works best using disks and he has no + disks
    I gave him a NEW Verbatim +RW disk to burn.] The unit accepted it and burned It. He created the top menu, as mentioned on page 35, than attempted to Finalize it.
    The unit would not Finalize the disk and it played fine in my Liteon/ilo units

    I gave him a USED +RW disk that was burned in one of my Liteon 5045 units that did not, and would not finalize a +RW disk . The disk played fine in his Panny

    A -RW disk was burned in his Panny and not finalized. Another was burnd and finalized
    The un-finalized -RW disk would not play in my Ilteon/ilo units but the finalized one did

    I do not believe the Pioneer, Panasonic, or ? are using the correct terminology when they use the term finalize with a +RW disk in its menu or any problem.

    If you could give me the model # of the Panny that you refer to I will download the Manual for review

    I have not seen or noticed any difference in search speed with either a +R/RW or R/RW disk in the Liteon/ilo units
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    LCSHG-Well I do stand corrected. I looked in the manuals of 3 of my Panny DVDR's. The es-30 does not record to +RW discs. But both the es-25 and EZ-17 do record to +RW's. In both those manuals they specifically state that +RW discs are NOT finalizeable.
    I think the confusion comes from the "create top menu". Without doing this the disc will not have a top menu. The disc will just start to play when inserted in a dvd player. Even if you push "top menu" on your player, none will be displayed. The reason I though it was finalizing the +RW disc was because the whole "create top menu" took just as long to do, as finalizing a -R disc. Not sure why it would take so long, but again Panasonic is specific on there point that it is NOT finalizing the disc.

    Oh and on the whole search speed thing. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. It's really weird that a disc type could effect the search speed of a player. But I have tried 2 brands of +RW discs, and both reacted the same way. The search speed thing is the only reason I personally do not like to use + discs in my Panny's. My Philips records and searches the + discs just fine.
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  18. jjeff

    Sorry for the late reply and Thanks

    I feel that a number of units, mine included, do not provide adequate info on a number of issues,The +RW included.
    The vague references in the Pioneer and Panasonic manuals to a top menu and finalizing Is confusing and I feel leads to +RW disk failure and operator frustration.

    Just to explain. And will jump over a number of frustrating issues

    Over two years ago I had a ilo RHD04 [80 gb HDD] this unit was a +R/RW disk only machine and went the +RW route. I picked up some 300 Verbatim disks, with soft case for some .45 cents ea. Great, Well not so great most were intermittent While I fought it. The problem was the original DVD drives and/or the firmware caused the disks to fail.

    This was corrected with the replacement of the DVD drives with PC units.

    Than problems resurfaced as a number of +RW disks failed. Attempts to correct the problem using the unit Caused a number of +RW coasters.[It was not a drive issue]
    This lead to the procedures I posted on this thread and others. In rare situations an erase with the unit was un-successful and I had to go the Nero route.

    I really dont think there was a problem with the liteon [other than the original drives], the Pioneer, Panasonic, etc. except in not providing a correct method of handling a +RW disk.

    As to a top menu
    My units automatically create a menu for each session that can be edited merged etc. and a selection made, To Start the Program
    I understand the Pioneer and Panasonic, without the menu, can start a program Just as a auto-run in a PC and Im sure many users would prefer this.
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    I had the same problem even erasing DVD+RW fully in Nero. But it is initialized and rewrited by the recorder successfully after changing book type from DVD-ROM to DVD+RW (Nero: Recorder - Disc Info - Change Book Type)!
    Last edited by jagr; 25th Mar 2010 at 15:46.
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