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  1. I need a guide for adding subtitles to DVDR of series, I tried the guides in the Sticky Topic but it does'nt work.

    image of the DVDR files:

    The episdoes are all together in the "DVD Movie" file (in the picture) and each time the file is about 1,048,518 KB it's start a new file. Now, all the episodes in order and i can't follow the guides.

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  2. Hi-

    That pic doesn't really help. What you need to know is if in that VTS you have only one PGC (all the episodes are combined into 1) or 4 separate PGCs (one for each episode). Only then can you know how the subs should be created (either all combined into 1 or added to each episode separately).

    Open the DVD in VobBlanker, highlight that VTS_1_*.VOB so that it appears in the lower screen and post a pic of that.
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    This guide didn't work for you? In what way doesn't it work?
    You may have to rip each episode as a separate DVD. It depends on how the DVD is authored.

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  4. When I open the DVD in VobBlanker I got this message:

    And the VobBlanker Screen:

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  5. So there are 2 episodes to this thing, one 70 minutes long and one 50 minutes long? If so, then as Mats said and as I implied, you have to add subs to the 2 episodes separately and then add the episodes back to the DVD. Set up a folder for each episode and demux from the large original DVD on the hard drive using PGCDemux. Do whatever you have to do for the subs (I don't read any of the guides so I have no idea what they say), create small DVDs for each episode for the new subs (no menus needed), test them each out to make sure each has its subs, and then add them back into the original DVD using the "Replace" button of DVDBlanker. It would be just to the right of that pic you showed. Give it an output folder and "Process". If after you're done you see no subs, come back and I'll tell you how to "turn them on". Whether or not you see them depends on if this is the first subs being added to the DVD, or if you are replacing some already existing subs.
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