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  1. Hi all
    I came across a weird issue on DVD2one, using it to compress a DVD9 to DVD5. I have settings for vbr, Diskcopy, and manually selecting size as 4400 MB, I have checked off the audio files with all the English tracks and commentaries. The source Video_TS is about 7GB, however after 30 minutes of processing, the resulting VideoTS folder is 2.6 GB. I tried it twice, but can't figure out why the compression is so drastic. The processed folder is complete, and plays as a DVD source, it's just half the size I normally would expect. Any ideas why this is occurring?

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    I have seen this once before with a Badly scratched/mastered disc of a
    Universal /Sony release movie. The end result was that once all the
    bloat was taken away due to ArrCCos mastering techniques, the film
    was far less than DVD-5 capacity.

    just for argument's sake, what happens if you use DVD2ONEX to
    create a Movie Only feature of the disc, what does it say the
    output size would be?
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  3. Yup, that must have been the problem something in one of the source streams. When I did just the movie, it came out to 4.4 GB. I also did a conversion on a later version of DVD2one (v. 2 I think) that didn't have a problem with the original source file as a disk copy. OK, lesson learned, thanks for the tip.
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