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    Ok, first time reader and poster so take it easy on me. I did happen to read the stickies, (especially the read before posting) but I still feel a direct answer would be easier as I am noob.

    I just bought an ipod touch, and just reinstalled my cpu from scratch to clear all the junk from it and start anew. Ultimately, I want to be able to put a DVD I own into my cpu, and however much longer, be able to watch it on my ipod.

    I have little background with ISO, VOB and virtual drives, but its been awhile. I've messed around with some converters I found online, but with so many to choose from, I got lost converting shit over and over again.

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    DVDFab Decrypter. It will RIP discs for free, if you buy the actual version, it also performs conversions to other formats (such as IPOD). Or you can use AutoGK (free).

    There are other ways. Look in the HOW TO: Convert section, just input your beginning and destination formats.
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