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  1. Hiya,

    Just thought to post this one,
    since there didn't seem to be any hacks listed for LG DVX-276/DVX-286.

    This one works at least for DVX-286, I just tested it.
    I cannot say if it works also for 276, you'll have to figure that one out.

    PLEASE NOTE! This hack/program is not made/written by me, I downloaded it and shared it here.

    There's a file included (, download it.

    1. Extract the file
    2. Burn the ISO image (JorgoLG-DVX276hack.iso) on CD (this is a CD image)
    3. Insert the CD into your DVD player
    4. A region-code screen will come up
    5. Enter the region-code you wish to use (0 [=zero] for multi)
    6. Press pause-button from the remote control

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    I burned the image to a CD-R with ImgBurn and tried it on my LG DVX 276 (Region 2, The Netherlands). It worked like a charm, so thanks a lot!
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    Works excellent with IMGBurn (276), thanx very much
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