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    hi there, i have downloaded 300 in blu ray format and am playing the .m2ts file using power dvd ultra.

    it works fine, but the trouble is the audio. it is playing an audio track that english for the blind, that is that there is an extra voice on the audio track describing the picture, and i cant turn it off. i know that there is a button on this player to switch between audio streams and languages etc, but they are greyed out and cannot be clicked.

    any ideas please ??

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    Given the general paranoia regarding people who admit to illegal downloading
    and the fact that few of us here can play BluRay, you're probably on your own. I know of a forum where there are BluRay experts, but they'd ban you for posting about downloading the file and there's no clever way you could post about your problem without them asking you questions about where you got this file and why you aren't just playing it from disc where you could use the menu to switch between the soundtracks.

    You might try an earlier version of Power DVD as I know that the most recent versions have some VERY negative "enhancements" specifically designed to ruin playback from hard drives of BluRay and HD-DVD compatible files. It could also be that the person who made this file available is a moron and only included the soundtrack you have, which is why you can't switch. You should not discount this possibility and perhaps you can use various BluRay tools to see if the file even has another soundtrack.

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    BUY it. This is not a site for help with pirated material.
    Read our rule re: warez.


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