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    Hello everyone

    ** I'm not sure where I'm going with this, so bare with me as I begin the process of sculpturing
    it into something potentially useful. I have some ideas of where I want to go with it, but for now,
    bare with me.

    As part of my video hobby, I like to record various tv shows or movies. Since I still have
    analog cable tv (and I prefer that over any digital mpeg source) I like to record various
    things for later Capture and Process type projects. And since my VCR does a better job
    of capturing the video detail, I much prefer it over a dvd recorder, less I want lots of
    MPEG DCT errors and MPEG Pixelation, etc., to deal with later on. I much prefer the random
    noise of an analog source. But that's me.

    It also feed another part of my hobby, image analysis. And since most analog cable type
    sources are dissapearing, I thought I better record enough or as much of it as I can (to play
    and experiment with algorithmic noise reduction/enhancement processes) before its finally gone.

    -vhelp 4486

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    intensionally left blank.

    -vhelp 4487
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    For my first stroke in sculpturing out a format, here is a broadcast that cought my eye
    this evening and I captured parts of it, and am recording it as I am writting this out to
    you all now. I also (during commecial) played back part of it so that I could get a few
    minutes of it captured from the EP (w/ SVHS-ET option on) recorded vhs tape..

    Channel 40-FX:
    I, Robot, staring Will Smith
    ** Science fiction, Action, 2004, PG-13, **1/2, 01:55, Color, English, United States,
    ** - In 2035 a Chicago homicide detective (Will Smith) tracks a sophisticated robot
    ** accused of murdering a visionary scientist.(AS, BN, V)

    About the source:
    Source type: analog cable tv
    Aspect Ratio: widescreen letter box
    Noise Level: minimal (SnP) random analog noise
    Video/Film: is film based, but is TEC (Time Expansion/Compression) for television, IOW, non-ivtc'able
    The quality of this broadcast for analog cabletv is unique. It is very good quality with
    minimal (SnP) random noise than for most usual tv broadcasts, though I've seen this
    type of quality in others. This broadcast is also in widescreen (letter box) presentation.
    That makes it all the more appreciative. The audio is also very crips and clean stereo.

    Ok, my comments go like this:
    I've never seen this movie. (this is the first time I got a chance to even sneak-a-peek at
    it even though it was prob on this channel on other occasions) I have a thing about watching
    Widescreen movies that I feel are deserving for a true widescreen tv presentation, and I hold
    off on watching them. But this one looks really good and I've just seen the first 10 minutes of
    it, right up to the part where the Robot jumps out of the window -- stop.
    I've already made some 10 minutes worth of clean captures via Lagarith codec. Later, I
    will capture direct from the VHS tape where I recorded it in EP mode with SVHS-ET option
    feature on.
    Unfortunately, after careful analysis, this broadcast was TEC and the usual IVTC process is
    not aplicable. Other elaborate ivtc type methods are required to restore back to film 24p or
    close to it. The source is a mixture of Telecine and Progressive/Dup frames.
    I also have it on Commercial DVD.

    -vhelp 4488

    :P *~*!*~*!~* HaPpY HoLiDaYs *~*!*~*!~*
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