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    Right now I've got my lcd tv connected to my computer as a 2nd monitor to play my x264 mkv files .ts files and other files using coreavc and media player classic. I'm considering building an htpc, however, I'd like to know whether these files would be supported by the interfaces of htpc guis (haven't decided which one to use yet). Is it possible to see them and play them using an htpc interface without switching to the standard pc interface? Are there quality/playback issues?
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  2. Yes, they work fine so long as you have the correct codecs installed. You usually have to register the mkv and mp4 file associations so that they show up in Media Center, however, since the file extensions are not recognized by Media Player by default. It's not a big deal...the need registry entries are all over the Internet. The same would probably have to be done for ts/m2ts as well.

    I've never had any quality/playback issues. If any of these are HD files, then you'll just need a system with enough power to play them back.

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