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    Scenario: Video stutters during playback or refuses to play at all. On my Sony Divx Player it totally won't play. On my Pioneer it tries to play but chokes and only plays the sound.

    Use DivXMuxGUI. Simple,free & fast. Usage is easy & self explanatory but don't forget to select audio track as the video file itself. Otherwise the video output will have no sound. Output is divx compliant even if the original file is xvid. Oh yeah, rename it back to avi instead of divx for the extension as the official windows divx player cant play ac3 sound.

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    Try buying the movie(s) instead of stealing them.
    Google is your Friend

  3. Bit of an assumption there? who knows? YOU certainly dont..
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    Originally Posted by AllenGorden
    He probably DOES know from a simple web search, revealing trix as a pirate release group. Thus, an illegal download.

    Also, if you did have the movie (Kill Bill), you could simply re-encode it from dvd to divx in a playable format.

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    Buy the movie.

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