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  1. I bought an old classic DVD release, only to find it was a 'colourized' version.

    I wanted a B/W copy so I made one and it plays great on the computer player, but is choppy (during fast motion) on my two set-top boxes.

    To make the B/W, I used TDA to make one large .mpg file, then opened it in Virtual Dub and used the grayscale filter to make an .avi file. I processed about one third of the file at a time, as the .avi's were huge.

    Once I had all the .avi's in B/W, I used Super to convert them to .mpg's and then loaded each .mpg into TDA again and burned a disk. It played great on the computer player, but was not so great on the set-top player when the scene showed fast movement.

    Any ideas why this only plays poorly on the set-top players? I used an 8X TY blank, burned at 4X, using ImgBurn.

    I tried this process twice with the same results and I'm stumped.
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    We don't know enough about your process to know exactly what you did, but here's my best guesses.

    1) You encoded the wrong field order - you either did bottom field first when you have should done top field first or vice-versa.
    2) Your final bit rate may be too high for DVD specs and your standalone DVD player.

    Super is OK, but I can't recommend it for encoding to DVD. CCE, HC and TMPGenc would all have been better choices.
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