Hi and season greetings to all.

I'm looking for a dual tuner, analog (PAL) or hybrid, TV card or two single tuner ones (but only tried&tested, hassle-free solutions), for PCI or (preferably) PCIe slot, with the following characteristics:

1. Capture to AVI (768x576@25fps) with low compression (huffyuv or M-JPEG), at anything btw 5-20MB/s;
2. "Very good" image quality. As subjective as this may be, if I'm capturing full screen, high data-rate video for archiving, I want to clean/tweak it as little as possible afterwards, not to mention more pleasant "live" watching. Lets say "good/excellent definition, with decent contrast levels and slightly under-saturated picture" and efficient motion-compensation and NR filters (did this help?!...);
3. I don't mind "fussy" set-ups, and, since I'm building a (quasi)Media-PC from scratch, I can take time fine-tuning it. However, I DON'T WANT FUSSY OPERATION! Absolutely no BSODs, hang-ups, stuttering, etc., due to poorly implemented drivers or otherwise. Actually, third-party, open-source support is a big plus.

What I don't need:

1. HDTV- it will be a good 5-8yrs until I get terrestrial HiDef here and DVB-S2 is a much safer bet;
2. HW acceleration- the new CPU/MoBo/RAM/Gfx will pack enough oomph! I hope...;
3. EPG- No such thing around here, and if there was it would be always wrong...;
4. Remote- have more than enough;
5. Radio- seriously, who does?;

The new PC will run XPproSP2 (until I see significant benefits in switching), with this:
1. iP35+ICH9R based MoBo- probably GigaByte P35C-DS3R;
2. Pentium Dualcore E21x0, massively OCed (targeting 3.6GHz/360)+competent after-market cooler;
3. 2x1024 DDR PC2-6400/800 CL4, tweaked - Patriot or A-Data;
4. Radeon X1950 Pro based card- Saphire or Powercolor;
5. Samsung SpinPoint T166 400 or 500GB HDD, plus some "legacy" ones too;
6. 550W "real-power" modular PSU- Corsair or CoolerMaster;

OK then, help/suggestions will be appreciated and questions welcomed. Indeed, any interest whatsoever.

Thank you.