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  1. Hello, I used a program called SnagIt (a screen capture utility that also grabs video) to record a flash video on a web site. The program automatically converts the flash to an AVI file extension. However when I open the file with GSpot it shows the video codec as Microsoft Video 1, and the audio as PCM. I can play the video with Windows Media Player but it has no sound. VLC cannot play the audio or the video.
    Does anyone know a program that can play PCM audio with this AVI file?
    Or possibly a way to convert the AVI and make it more easily playable?
    Lastly, if anyone has a better or easier way to grab flash videos, please suggest. I have tried the online sites, javimoya, keepvid etc but they do not work on all sites.
    Thank You.
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  2. Coming back to answer my own question. I found a flash video save program that works on all the sites that others wouldn't. It's called Replay Media Catcher. Super easy to use, saves as .flv file.
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