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    I downloaded DVDflick and succesfully created a DVD that plays on a home dvd (unsuccesfully tried 2 weeks in nero 7)
    I only have one mpeg2 file with the audio in the mpeg. after burning in DVD flick I can only get it to autorun when inserted in dvd player. I want to add a background picture and a play button, can it be done in DVD flick or do I need another program and if I do need another program can I add it to my working movie I made with DVD flick.

    I hope my question is clear and posted in the right place

    Thanks in advance
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    From the DVDFlick version history:
    Download from

    After a good while of work the beta is finally here!

    The main changes are:
    - Ability to generate menus based on templates. Only one template is included at the moment.
    So, you should be able to create a DVD with menu using only DVDFlick. IAFICS, this is a new feature of v
    OTOH, I never understood the need for a menu on a one title disk...

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