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  1. Ok guys, I know this is crazy but I would like to do this from scratch. I have the Laguna Beach Season 1 DVD but I was surprised that it has NO SUBTITLES on it! But I managed to google myself and found that there is actually a subtitle for it but is in .HTML!!! Please visit the following website to see the text:

    and trust me, I searched google and yahoo for one whole day but I can't find anyone who actually did a premade subs in .sub or .srt for this TV Show. This is the only one I can find!

    I have found the subtitle for it and now, I would like to synchronize the text with the DVD to make a .sub or .srt file for it. I understand that I may have to watch the whole DVD in order to create the subtitle files but I'm willing to do it for someone I love!
    So right now, I just need to know the following:

    1. Tools that I need
    2. Kind of softwares to make it happen
    3. a DETAILED STEP BY STEP guide on how to make my dream come true!
    4. Everything or anything at all that would be able to help me create the subs

    I hope you kind fellows out there would be able to guide me through this pain process. I really hope to make it happen. I owe you guys one! Below is what I have cut and paste from the website above mentioned.

    Opening Credits

    CUT TO: Outside LCís house

    LC: I want to go to the beach so bad.

    Morgan: Well itís where you live.

    Lo: Iím relaxing. This is nice.

    Morgan: Are we gonna plan a theme party or what?

    LC: Well what have we done so far? Like weíve done the whole G.I. JoeÖ

    Christina: Dress up, like a dress up party.

    Lo: We did the astrocrat party, like trophy wife astrocrat.

    Christina: But not like that.

    Lo: Would this be like go get a cute new dress?

    LC: Oh that could work.

    Lo: We could make it like a black and white ****tail hour, black and white ****tail party.

    Morgan: At Camiís, no one dressed up. We have to make sure youíre not let in the door unless youíre fully decked.

    LC: Where do you wanna have it?

    Lo: A hotel?

    Morgan: That would be so rad.

    Lo: (Gets ready to write) So what should the invitation say?

    Christina: Everyoneís gonna wear black and white so letís make it like a black and whiteÖ

    Lo: A black and white affair?

    Christina: That works.

    Lo: Okay.

    LC: Okay. Letís do the guest list.

    Morgan: Weíll do twenty and then ten, you know like if we forget you kind of thing. ĎCause a lot of times youíre like ďI meant to invite you, but I just forgot you.Ē

    Lo: Morgan. Who do we wanna come?

    LC: Well us obviously.

    Lo: Our friends. Mora, Brit, Jill, Jen, Sahara, Nate, Caitlin, Joselyn.

    LC: Stephen, Dieter, Trey.

    Lo: Kristin? (LC coughs) Drama.

    LC: Yeah.

    CUT TO: Kristinís House

    She is lying in her pool when her phone rings. She gets out to answer it.

    Kristin: Hello?

    Alex: Kristin.

    Kristin: Hey Al.

    Alex: Hey, what are you doing?

    Kristin: Iím just laying out. What are you doing?

    Alex: Do you still wanna hang out later?

    Kristin: Yeah I do. Iím just gonna visit Stephen at the surf shop really quickly before I come get you, but itíll probably be around 8:30-9:00.

    Alex: How are you and Stephen?

    Kristin: Weíre good.

    Alex: Aw.

    Kristin: Weíre really good, yeah.

    CUT TO: Stephenís Work

    Kristin walks in to see him.

    Kristin: Stephen.

    Stephen: Hello.

    Kristin: Hi.

    Stephen: Whatís going on?

    Kristin: Nothing, what are you doing? (They hug)

    Stephen: Nothing, working.

    Kristin: How is it?

    Stephen: Itís lagging. Itís dead.

    Kristin: Oh.

    Stephen: Shoot me now.

    Kristin: What are you gonna do after?

    Stephen: Going to Treyís barbecue.

    Kristin: Are you gonna go to that?

    Stephen: I might have to go cook myself a steak. What are you going to do?

    Kristin: I told Alex Iíd go hang out with her for a little while and then weíre going to figure it out.

    Stephen: You donít wanna go to Treyís at all?

    Kristin: I donít know, call me when you get there. Iím not going if Laurenís going.

    Stephen: Really? (The phone rings)

    Kristin: Arenít you going to get that?

    Stephen: The phone? (Picks it up)

    Kristin: Surf and sport.

    Stephen: Surf and sport. Yes, we do do surf lessons. $8.00 a person per hour. Have a good night. (Hangs up) Thanks, surf lessons.

    Kristin: Have fun working.

    Stephen: Youíre leaving me?

    Kristin: Yeah, I told Alex Iíd go pick her up.

    Stephen: Thanks for coming by. (Kisses her on the head) Bye.

    Kristin: Okay, bye Stephen. (She leaves)

    CUT TO: Treyís Barbecue

    LC: Hey Lo. Itís Lauren. Iím still at Treyís. Iím like the only senior girl here. So call me when you get this. Bye. (Hangs up her cell phone)

    Polster: Coming over to Treyís right now? Weíre having the pre sesh at Treyís right now and after that weíre going to my momís house. (To Trey) Is it okay if Shane cruises over too?

    Trey: Yeah.

    Polster: Yeah, Shane, cruise on over buddy. Knock like dun dun dun dun dun dun, you know when you knock.

    Dieter: Do you not like being here? Do you wanna leave?

    LC: No I donít care.

    Dieter: Stephenís gonna be like in a little?

    LC: Yeah. Heís gonna come here.

    Dieter: Are you gonna spend the night there?

    Polster: Hey Dieter!

    Dieter: Iím claiming that as mine. That was my hat for some night, I swear to God.

    Polster: Trey gave this to me. Itís been at my house since he gave it to me.

    Dieter: Bull s***.

    Polster: No itís not bull s***.

    Dieter: Weíre going bubble bathing tonight. You wanna come?

    LC: Bubble bathing?

    Polster: Weíre going to be putting bubble bath in Jacuzziís so it creates a massive amount of bubbles.

    LC: Why would you do that?

    Polster: Why wouldnít you do that?

    LC: Donít you have to empty the Jacuzzi?

    Polster: Weíre not going to do it in my Jacuzzi.

    Dieter: Weíre going to like a hotel.

    LC: Thatís mean.

    Dieter: Thatís mean?

    LC: Yeah.

    Dieter: Well Iíll write them an Iím sorry letter.

    Polster: How inconsiderate is that? Sheís like thinking about the hotel.

    Dieter: LC always thinks about the smart s***.

    Polster: Remember when I used to be the smart one?

    Dieter: No.

    LC: (Laughs) Yeah, I donít remember that either.

    Dieter: That never happened. (Stephen comes) Steveo! Steveo! (LC watches him. Stephen high fives Dieter)

    LC: Hey. (She hugs Stephen)

    Stephen: You solo?

    LC: Yeah.

    CUT TO: Kristinís House

    Kristin and Alex are painting their feet.

    Alex: Kristin, youíre supposed to put those on before you paint your toes.

    Kristin: I forgot. I forgot.

    Alex: Do you know if Stephen has talked to Lauren like recently at all?

    Kristin: Uh, theyíre friends, but sheís a stuck up little brat.

    Alex: Oh I know.

    Kristin: But heís mine. (They laugh)

    Alex: If you and Stephen had babies, theyíd be so good looking. (Kristin laughs) They would.

    Kristin: ĎCause Stephenís all tan.

    Alex: Stephenís hot.

    Kristin: Stephenís really hot.

    Alex: He likes you so much and heís admitting it to you.

    Kristin: I canít believe it.

    Alex: Like he canít help himself smile whenever he sees you.

    CUT TO: Treyís

    Stephen: (He high fives someone) Call me tomorrow.

    LC: Weíll give you invitations called a black and white affair. And you can only wear black and white. And itís formal.

    Morgan: Itís Friday night. At the Surf and Sand. And we got the suite.

    LC: If youíre wearing any color youíre not allowed in. No, Iím just kidding. (LC looks at Stephen. Then she gets up)

    Stephen: (To LC) You coming over?

    LC: Yeah.

    Stephen: (To Trey) See ya. Yeah, weíre going to my house. (He and LC leave)

    CUT TO: LCís new house that is being built.

    It shows her dad watching them do stuff. Then it shows Stephen come and hug LC. They walk around the house together.

    Jim: Go ahead guys. Keep going. That should be about square in the whole right there. (On the phone) Weíre just dropping a palm into my backyard.

    LC: Hey Stephen.

    Stephen: Whereís your dad at?

    LC: I donít know. Heís somewhere measuring stuff.

    Stephen: They do that kind of stuff?

    LC: My dadís an architect. Heís gonna do all kinds of fun stuff.

    Stephen: He could just draw something.

    LC: Thereís more to being an architect than just drawing it.

    Stephen: Do you wear hard hats?

    LC: No.

    Stephen: Thatís kind of random. People are gonna trip over that.

    LC: What?

    Stephen: Right there.

    LC: Oh it doesnít stay that way.

    CUT TO: Inside the house

    Stephen: (He whistles) You have like the sickest view of like anyone I know.

    LC: Come on. (They keep on walking)

    Stephen: Awesome.

    LC: (Points to the left) Sisterís room, and my room.

    Stephen: Is your room the best?

    LC: Of course.

    Stephen: Of course.

    LC: I think my bed goes here.

    Stephen: Where?

    LC: Youíre on my bed.

    Stephen: Nice.

    LC: I have two closets.

    Stephen: Shut up.

    LC: This is my clothes closet. (Points to the other) And that oneís my shoe and purse closet.

    Stephen: This is nice.

    They go outside.

    Stephen: Dude, this is so gnarly. It reminds me of the houses on the OC. Oh God.

    LC: Maybe this is the Jacuzzi. (Points to the right)

    Stephen: Look at people are down at the beach right now. No, the Jacuzziís over there. (Points to the left) Letís go sit in the Jacuzzi. (They go in it) Itís gonna be so nice. (He whistles)

    LC: Oh just like my old one.

    Stephen: The jets right here. (He pretends theyíre there and LC laughs)

    LC: (Points) Thereís Kristinís house.

    Stephen: Where?

    LC: Right there.

    Stephen: Oh yeah. Have a nice little room up in San Francisco and come back to this place.

    LC: Iím not gonna wanna leave.

    Stephen: Youíre not gonna wanna leave up there?

    LC: Iím not gonna wanna leave here.

    Stephen: I know. Pretty sweet. (LC watches Stephen)

    CUT TO: Outside

    Kristin is talking to Talan

    Kristin: Yeah, I donít know. Iím really stressed out on Stephen and Lauren because last night, he told me he was going to bed early, and today I found out he was at her house.

    Talan: Do you know if they hooked up?

    Kristin: He says that they didnít.

    Talan: Does that bum you? I mean, itís kinda funny, you guys like have a relationship thatís like on and off. ĎCause you hook up with him, he hooks up with Lauren, you hook up with him, he hooks up with Lauren, I kind of come in on the side and like grab one of you every once in a while.

    Kristin: Yeah.

    Talan: Gosh, our town is so small. We need another girl.

    Kristin: What is that supposed to mean?

    Talan: I donít know, Iím kind of sick of hooking up with the same girl.

    Kristin: Youíre sick of hooking up with the same girl? Who?

    Talan: You know itís you. Itís seems like whenever I call you, youíre with Stephen, and whenever I call LaurenÖ

    Kristin: Sheís with Stephen. Either wants to go back out or stop whatever weíre doing.

    Talan: So you think itís Laurenís fault theyíre hanging out all the time?

    Kristin: I think itís both their faults. I just hate Lauren. She needs to go out of my life.

    Talan: Thatís a little harsh.

    CUT TO: Surf and Sand Hotel (The location of Black and White Affair)

    Jan: Iím gonna show you the suite. You have 30 people from what I understand? The hotel room usually rents for $700.00 a night.

    Lo: Sounds fabulous. Oh itís so nice.

    LC: Oh, I like the big deck.

    Lo: So do I. I really like the big deck.

    Jan: So you obviously see how close how you know this guest room is to all the other guest rooms.

    LC: Yeah.

    Jan: And obviously noise is a concern for us while youíre here.

    Lo: Noise control. Yeah.

    Jam: And you know you understand youíre not planning a dance party or anything like that. So itís more, kind of a get together.

    Lo: Definitely. Weíre trust worthy, donít worry.

    Jan: Youíre trust worthy? All right.

    CUT TO: Store

    Polster: Wait, are you going with LC or are you going with Kristin?

    Stephen: I donít know. Thereís like mad tension there, so I donít know.

    Polster: Can you imagine like LC and Kristin fighting over you?

    Stephen: Having Lauren and Kristin fighting over you?

    Polster: Yeah.

    Stephen: Kristinís like a really good girl to hook up with and have fun with. We can have like so much fun. But, coming down to the boyfriend and girlfriend stuff, Lauren would like a better girl.

    Polster: Such drama.

    Stephen: It is.

    Trey: Could have seen you though dude.

    Stephen: I know. It sucks for me because I donít know what to do because either way Iíll be like hurting one.

    Polster: Itís a tough choice man. But itís a predicamentÖitís just the way it goes.

    Stephen: Exactly.

    CUT TO: Kristinís House

    Stephen comes to pick her up. He rings the doorbell.

    Kristin: Hey.

    Stephen: Hello.

    Kristin: Whatís up? (They hug) Ready?

    Stephen: Okay.

    Kristin: Bye Dad. Okay.

    Stephen: See ya Dennis.

    They leave and go to a restaurant.

    Stephen: What the hell did Talan say to you today that got you so pissed off?

    Kristin: At you?

    Stephen: Yeah, I sent you two messages and then youíre like ďI know why youíre not responding because youíre lyingĒ or something like that.

    Kristin: You did lie to me.

    Stephen: I didnít lie to you. I went to sleep last night.

    Kristin: Taylor saw you at 9:15 Stephen.

    Stephen: Where did she see me?

    Kristin: Driving down from Laurenís house.

    Stephen: How did she know I was at Laurenís house?

    Kristin: Well you were. So I mean donít say that because you were.

    Stephen: Maybe Taylor saw me but I wasnít there at 9:15 thatís for sure.

    Kristin: I know. So you were at Laurenís house. You just lied to me.

    Stephen: Thatís what Iím saying. It was like 7:30 when I was there.

    Kristin: So then what were you doing up there? See I donít believe you.

    Stephen: She was weirded out because people were asking her ďSo whatís going on like with you and StephenĒ and stuff like that and she didnít know what to say.

    Kristin: She could be like ďUh, nothing. Weíre friendsĒ.

    Stephen: I guess thatís not the way she feels or something like that.

    Kristin: Well all I heard about is that you and Lauren had sex, and like Stephen and Lauren. All right.

    Stephen: Thereís like so many times I could have gone and hung out with her.

    Kristin: Whatever. ĎCause I am over it if all Iím gonna hear about is you and Lauren, you know? Then yeah, Iím over it. (Stephen runs his fingers in his hair)

    CUT TO: Surf and Sand Hotel

    LC and her friends are getting ready for the party.

    Christina: Itís fun getting ready though.

    LC: I like getting ready. Even if you donít really do anything.

    Morgan: Iím wearing this.

    Lo: This, really? Thatís so cute.

    Christina: Remember the dress I wore sophmore year?

    LC: When you went with Hue and he got kicked out.

    Lo: Is that the one with the bow?

    Christina: No.

    LC: Your freshman year dress.

    Christina: Shut up.

    LC: Did you see my dress? It was orange.

    Lo: I had a cute dress.

    LC: Lo had a cute dress.

    Christina: What was your dress?

    Lo: It was the Vissi Viggi one, like green.

    Christina: Oh that one was so pretty. Remember I tried to fit it into it?

    Morgan: Kristin and all the junior girls are coming right?

    Lo: Uh, yeah.

    LC: I wonder what Stephen and Kristin are gonna fight about tonight.

    Morgan: Seriously.

    Lo: I donít know, but hopefully theyíre not loud.

    LC: Oh they will be.

    Lo: I wish I had a white dress.

    Morgan: I know, thatís what I wanted to wear.

    Lo: I know. I have never found a cute white dress like ever. Theyíre all trashy.

    CUT TO: Kristinís

    Sheís getting ready.

    Alex: You look pretty.

    Kristin: I have to ask what shoes should I wear. Ok, here. This one? Or this one?

    Jessica: Those look more approiate with the outfit.

    Kristin: Iím gonna call Stephen and make sure theyíre coming to pick us up. Iím really not into this.

    CUT TO: Treyís House

    Stephen leaves to go get Kristin. He runs over Dieterís cologne.

    Stephen: Itís broken.

    Dieter: You just ran over my expensive thing of cologne dude.

    Stephen: It wasnít half full.

    Dieter: How are you not full for running over my cologne? If I put a baby next to your car, youíre gonna run over it?

    Stephen: Why would you put a baby next to my car?

    Dieter: Why would I put cologne next to your car dude?

    Stephen: Itís your fault.

    Dieter: F*** off.

    CUT TO: Party

    Morgan: Itís gonna be the best party of our senior year. Got that? (It shows them at the party and Kristin getting ready)

    Lo: Whatís Kristinís phone number because sheís with allÖ

    LC: I just spoke with Dieter and heís like ďMe, Stephen, Kristin, and Jessica are gonna stop by and say hi and weíre cruising over to PolsterísĒ.

    Lo: What?

    It shows them coming.

    Kristin: I wanna stay for like 5 minutes. Iím sorry Stephen. I just donít wanna hang out with these people right now. (They knock and LC answers the door. She hugs Stephen when he comes in)

    LC: Hi. This is Treyís suit and itís blue and white.

    Stephen: I know.

    Christina: This is fun though. Letís put on some music and dance. Hey guys come on letís dance.

    Kristin: Nah.

    Morgan: Come on everyone dance.

    Christina: Woo! (People dance)

    CUT TO: Outside

    LC: Wait, you guys wanna come? At 2:00, weíre all running down there and jumping in the water.

    Stephen: Naked.

    LC: No, Iím wearing a bathing suit. You can go naked.

    CUT TO: Inside

    Kristin: Stephenís like ďWeíre only here for 5 minutesĒ. This is such bull s***. Is this like the boycotting hotel room party right here?

    LC: I like how weíre all wearing black and Kristinís wearing white. How ironic.

    Kristin: Iím the only one that wore white. Iím different.

    LC: I just want toÖ

    Girl: I know.

    Kristin: All right letís go. Stephenís lagging.

    Cut to; Outside

    Kristin: I wanna get out of here. Iím leaving.

    LC: I swear if Kristin says she wants to leave one more time, Iím gonna pick up, pick her up and physically remove her from the hotel. (Stephen goes inside. Kristin watches. LC goes inside and looks at Stephen.)

    Kristin: I seriously need to get out of here. Iím sorry. Iím leaving. (She goes to find Stephen and everyone else follows) Stephen, letís get out of here. Come on. (They leave)

    Alex: What, weíre leaving? Why arenít we staying? (LC goes outside)

    Guy: Are you bummed?

    LC: Iím so bummed right now.

    Guy: On the whole night?

    LC: Yeah.

    Guy: Skinny dip sesh, later. (Everyone leaves so LC is alone. It shows Kristin and everyone leaving, then goes back to LC alone.)
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    Hi - Look to Subtitle Workshop

    regards Pol
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    Subtitle Workshop is a great tool but there are better options to create subs from scratch. I would use VisualSubSync. You can find a tutorial here:

    I don't know if VisualSubSync will accept DVD files or not. If it doesn't, convert it to DivX or similar using for instance AutoGK.

    Follow the tutorial but do some cut-and-paste work instead of typing it all in. You will need to edit a bit since what you have is a transcript, not subtitles. Try to keep the subs short, not much more than 40 letters per line or the final result will look strange. Be careful about how long they are shown: a sub of one line should be shown 2 - 4 seconds, one of two lines at least 4 seconds, 6 is better. This is of course not a law but it is a handy rule.

    Once your text subs (*.srt) are done you can follow this excellent guide to add them to your DVD.

    Good luck!
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    You can also use VisualSubSync for that.

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