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    I am the owner of a 2004 Pioneer DVR 220-S DVD recorder. This player has the option of recording in a VR mode. This mode allows the editing out of commercials on DVD-RW dic's. My current pre-2000 Panasonic dvd player does not play the dvds recorded in VR, but does play them in video mode.

    I am trying to acquire a DVD player that is reasonably priced that will play discs from this player in VR mode. Does anyone know of any player that will do this? I have tried to acquire information from local outlets that sell dvd players, but they no nothing of dvd players and have never heard of VR mode.

    Any information regarding this topic would be appreciated.

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    The only players that play discs in VR mode are recorders that support this format. This format is specific for editing and is not in the DVD spec.
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