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  1. Hi, I have some home movies that some one has created in the following format,
    there are about 6 different movies each in their own folder and each folder contains these files with exactly the same file names, I have burnt the first movie of the 6 on to DVD and it plays fine but I don't want to waste 1 dvd per movie as they are only about 500-600mb each, I'd like to put them all on 1 DVD, how can this be done?

    Many Thanks for your help


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  2. Thanks for the quick reply, I'm very thick when it comes to things like this, I am going to use TMPGEnc DVD Author is that right?
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    Just use DVDShrink in Re-Author mode to make a menus
    If you want menus then use TDA.....
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  4. Thanks DVDShrink has done the job
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    Titlewriter can add a menu to that compiliation fast -- simple but comprehensive
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