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  1. I've just discovered that I can use "ADS Instant DVD For Mac" to watch TV on my Mac and thought others might be interested. First: open PixeDV for Mac and turn off the sound (for PixeDV). Second: start recording using mpeg2 at the highest quality settings. Third: press the "command" and "tab" keys at the same time to get into the Finder. Forth: locate the file that is being recorded and open it by dragging it onto the VLC Player application in the doc. Then adjust the window size to your liking and watch. You can pause, skip around etc. This won't work with Quicktime. Quicktime will only play that chunk of the movie that has been recorded when opened by QT, but VLC Player will play the movie file as it is being recorded.
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    That's very neat. I'll give it a try. Thanks for the tip.
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