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    Originally the first menu is a trailers menu (after the studio logo rubbish). You need to click on the main menu link to get to main menu.

    In the main menu, there is PLAY, SCENE SELECTION & SET UP. There is no link back to trailers menu.

    After the movie ends, it leads to that trailers menu again.

    The DVD I'm referring to is Transformers The Movie (2007) - Disc 1.

    Anyway, after ripping it to my HDD, I use VOBBLANKER to do a few stuff including:
    - blank studio logo that shows up before main menu even starts
    - blank that trailers menu + all its trailers
    - cut off a bit of the beginning of the movie
    - cut off the end credits

    So the 1st play is main menu (just what I want) but when the movie ends, dvd stops (well at least in POWERDVD, not burnt it on disc yet).

    So what adjustments do I need to do in PGCEDIT to fix this mess?

    If you need further info or related stuff for me to post/upload to help, just ask!
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  2. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to have blanked the trailers menu. Maybe that's where the DVD wants to go after the movie's over. You should probably just still it, and in PGCEdit use the Trace function to skip over it in the beginning and go straight to the main menu:

    DVDs do it a lot of different ways, so you'll have to study it carefully, with the help of PGCEdit's Trace function, to determine how to make it go to the main menu after the movie's over. First you'll want to determine why it stops after the movie is over. It probably comes to an illegal command, like one telling it to go to the trailer menu which no longer exists.
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