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  1. So I recently (read: Last night) discovered that the iPhone and iPod Classic are able to display soft-coded subtitles. I've so far tried muxing in .srt files with YAMB but that didn't work.

    Reading up a little on the subject reveals that you might only be able to use .scc files and certain programs, most to none of which are free, work or even available on Windows.

    So I'm turning to you guys for help. I need a program that's free (or at least so common I might, um, have a friend who has it) that is able to mux subtitles to iPod-compatible MP4 files, subtitles that will show up on my iPod Classic if I turn the Displey Closed Captioning option on.

    That or, I guess, a GUI that'll encode into iPod-compatible MP4-files that'll also add iPod-compatible subs. The GUI should be able to encode in the 5.5 profile as well.
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  2. BUMP.

    I still need an answer to this question :P. What kind of subtitles are supported by the iPod Classic and what programs can mux them with MP4?
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    Well it's been 3 years, but I too am looking into this for my iPod touch. If anyone knows, please say.
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