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    I got a SAMSUNG Writemaster DVD Rewriter SH-D182D / RSBM.

    I think the default Region code is R2.

    I got various original DVDs from Region 1, 2 & 3.

    So what's the safest software to use that will let me change DVD regions of my DVD writer back & forth to any region I like without getting it locked for good? I got about 4 more lives, right?

    I heard of various software like ANYDVD among others.

    Other than watching the DVDs on my PC, I want the software to use DVDSHRINK without the region restrictions.
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    There is a firmware hack to make your drive region free but the website is down at the moment due to server problems. Although you can use MEDIA CODE SPEED EDIT to make the drive region free. Check out the link below.
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