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    I have a DVD image (VIDEO_TS folder with .IFO and .VOB files) that I put together (from an original DVD that I decrypted, demuxed, added subtitles to and then re-muxed) with a lot of help from friendly people on the Subtitles topic. The resulting video plays fine (with subtitles) in, e.g. Windows Media Player. I'm delighted!

    Now I'm ready to burn it to a DVD. So I ...
    - downloaded and installed ImgBurn
    - ran it, selected the VIDEO_TS folder, and told it to burn

    BUT, I get from it a warning that the image is too big for the DVD (~6GB vs. ~4GB)

    Is this as simple as it sounds? (I have to admit that they do say 4.7GB on the package, so the warning makes sense). But I was surprised. The movie is only 1:37, which doesn't seem excessively long. Do I just need to find larger capacity DVD+/-R discs? I looked at the FAQ on media; but I didn't see anything about larger DVD's - all the examples were of 4.7GB. I looked at the "DVD Media" List; and it mentions 8.5GB media (I don't recall seeing any at my local Fry's; but maybe I just didn't notice). Is this reasonably standard so that it would be not too hard to find and will work in my computer's DVD burner? Any recommendations?

    Sorry, this is all new to me. Probably obvious to many of you. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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    How big is the video_Ts folder? The movie runtime doesn't matter. If it's 6GB I would use DVD Shrink on the video_ts folder and shrink it to 4.3GB.

    And yes, there are 8.5 GB dual layer DVDRs but you need a dual layer writer if you don't have one already. See .
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