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  1. I have not been having luck with DGIndex (at least I think that's where the problem is). Do all demuxers generate d2v project files? HCEncGUI seems to want a d2v input file for an m2v file even when importing an avs file.
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  2. What's the problem with DGIndex? Your only alternative is the older and now obsolete DVD2AVI. And no, other demuxers don't generate D2V files.
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  3. I had decoding problems with the m2v file in DGIndex once it had been converted in HCEncGUI. When I encoded using FreeEnc, I had different problems with dropping frames during muxing. HCEncGUI worked wonderfully convering PAL avi files to NTSC 23.976 speed m2v files that muxed without fault so I'm thinking there's some kind of demuxing problem with DGIndex as several titles I've tried to convert have been riddled with strange errors no one can explain.

    I refer you back to my previous threads and for more detail.

    This is only a recent problem. I had converted other titles before without any problems. I still don't know why the problems suddenly cropped up.

    Do you need a d2v file as an mpeg2source input for an m2v with avisynth and encoding programs? I typed the m2v file name in as the input source and HCEncGUI wouldn't accept it.
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    You can use "DirectShowSource" to frameserve an m2v into your
    favorite MPEG encoder. But I admit I have never used any free MPEG encoder
    so I don't know how picky HCEnc may be.

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