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  1. Hi!

    Well, recently my computer here restarted due a small power failure and after restarting it the 'fsck' from Linux checked the filesystem for inconsistencies and sadly I lost the first blocks from three big AVI movies I had.

    I checked the AVI files with an hex-editor and sadly I lost the headers and maybe two..five clusters, but I still think it's possible to repair the videos. I think I lost few initial seconds...

    I need to say I don't know the audio/video codecs, bitrate, total time, etc.

    So, I ask. Is it possible to build a new header from scratch? And treat the rest of the AVI file as video data like a stream or raw data?

    And concatenate the header with the AVI file using a simple 'copy' command in DOS or 'cat' in Linux?

    I tried using some tools like DivFix, Digital Video Repair...

    If my english sounds bad I say my sincere sorries as I'm brazilian and I speak and mainly my thoughts are in portuguese language (You know, my brain/mind) But I think it's pretty cool. :P

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  2. Member Soopafresh's Avatar
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    I think you're out of luck on this
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  3. video fixer is your solution
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  4. Member [_chef_]'s Avatar
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    Try with any VirtualDub version.
    *** Now that you have read me, do some other things. ***
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  5. I thank everybody for the answers! 8)

    but I think I found the solution here in this forum topic.

    Steps to repair a partially downloaded .avi that has a missing header.

    See ya!!!
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