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    Didn't know if this should go here or in the Newb discussion.

    I have a DVD that has a menu with two options, 1 for the unrated and 1 for the rated version. Is there a way to edit the DVD so it auto selects the unrated version and bypasses the menu altogether? I assume there is but I couldn't find a guide or a topic here.

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  2. Hi-

    Yes, PGCEdit can do what you want, start playing the unrated version after putting the disc in the player. Try this guide:
    This method allows you to jump to any menu or title on insertion of your DVD, setting the audio and subtitle streams of your choice and by-passing anything in your way (e.g. annoying FBI warnings, studio promos and Dolby Digital trailers) and having all the DVDs internal registers set exactly as they would be if the commands followed the original path.
    There have been some changes in the GUI since that guide was written. Step 10 should now be:

    10. On the main menu, select PGC->Jump To PGC Upon DVD Insert

    It may look complicated, but after following the guide a couple of times, you could just about do it with your eyes closed it's so easy. He's just covering all possibilities, most of which you'll never encounter. And if you accidently mess anything up, just stick the original IFOs back into the DVD and try again. They're saved automatically when you first open the DVD.
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