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  1. I recently moved and cannot put a satellite dish on my appartment building so I switched to digital cable. Anybody smart out there that can see if I could use my Bell Expressvu 5900 PVR in conjunction with my cable box to use the PVR functions? Can a signal from the cable box be inputted into the 5900?

    p.s. I have access anything computer wise.
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    Most SAT DVR's accept video inputs, but they don't record from the inputs. In other words, they will pass through the input signal. Recording is done from the tuner, which since you are no longer using the service no longer has an input. I don't know about your SAT service up there, but DirecTV DVR's here in the US only function (even for playback of previously recorded material) when you are an active subscriber of the service.

    Otherwise, your best bet would be to get a new DVR.
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