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  1. How to attach subtitles to mkv file?

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  2. Get MKVToolnix and use the MKVMerge utility.

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  3. I did'nt find How to Attach. can you give a direct link?
    ***I need a guide
    i want to attach subtitles (SSA) to MKV and save it as MKV
    ^Because I have a MKV 1.1 GB and it very high quality. and i want to save this quality and attach subtitles. I have to save it as MKV? i just want to save the very good quality and attach subtitles.
    and i convert with "ConvertXtoDVD"
    or i can do it just with "mkvmerge GUI"? what i need to select in "MINE type"?
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  4. Please? Someone?
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    I'm afraid that even the native speakers of English might be
    finding it's difficult to understand what you're trying to say.

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  6. sorry, my english is not good.
    I have a very high quality MKV file (1.1 GB).
    I want to attach subtitles to this MKV file and keep its very high quality.
    I don't know if have to keep it as MKV to keep the quality or i'll have to convert into another format.
    But I use ConvertXtoDVD, so i need a format that ConvertXtoDVD support it
    Is It understandable?
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  7. is it understandable? pleas? someone?
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  8. i just tried attach one srt subtitle file to mkv with MKVToolnix. it's OK. i just only rename the srt subtitle file same with mkv file. After that i used MKVerge GUI, aty input click add buton and load both file (srt * mkv files). Click Startmuxing for process. We will get the result with subtitle with resolution like source mkv.

    My english very pool. i hope this don't mae you confuse and hope useful for you.

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