I am looking for suggestions. I am thinking of upgrading from premiere 6 to premiere pro. Currently for a capture device I have a matrox rt2500 system. I currently have a break out box which is connected to the rt2500 card which consist of composites and s-video in/outs. The card also has fiewire in/out. So if I get rid of the card, I get rid of my import /export options. I want these same options with another card if possible or something similar.

I would like a PCI Card for analog & DV I/O which lets me use both DV and analog camcorders & VCRs, MiniDV, Hi8, VHS, Digital8, 8mm, S-VHS. I want to capture analog video, but can also output analog or DV footage directly to VHS or S-VHS tape deck. I want to be able to hook-up my television to the A/V output and see just how my video will look on a real TV while I am editing with adobe premiere pro. Is this possiable to achieve?