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    I have several short titles that I want to include on one DVD. The software I've been authoring with is Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD, however, it has one major drawback - it will only author single title DVDs.

    I already have the VOBs created for each of my titles. What software can create multi-title menus and copy the existing VOBs without recompiling them?


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    I believe you can in fact open multiple projects to create a multi-title disc in Womble, although I admit it isn't something I would normally do.

    GUIForDVDAuthor is a freeware authoring tool that will author multiple title discs.

    DVD Styler is free, and shares one of the same engines with GUIForDVDAuthor.

    To get the best results from authoring tools you should output elementary streams, not VOBs. VOBs should be created by the authoring process. Good authoring tools will demux VOBs and rebuild them to suit the project, but prefer to get elementary streams in the first place.
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