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    I use Toast (on a Mac)to covert downloaded avi files to dvd-video i do this because i need to get some time code with the movie
    so i can stop playback and know where i am.The trouble with this is that in the conversion the quality is really bad (the quality is great if i transfer the file as just a data file or make it a divx disc ,but there is no time code)...does anyone know how to get round this ?


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    Try playing the file in VLC. If the time codes are corrupt, it may offer to fix it. Otherwise get ffmpegX (it's only $15). It has a "fix" option for avi's under the tool tab, and can author a dvd compliant udf folder faster than Toast anyway.

    Burn OS X from the sourceforge is free and will burn a udf-dvd compliant disk from the folder.
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