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  1. I have a good working avi file, but when I convert it, I make an mpeg file, but I can't view it at all. When I try to open it, it just freezes my computer. I can't edit it with TMPGEnc either, it just freezes. Is this normal? I am using the latest version of TMPGenc, I don't know what's wrong with it. Can anyone clue me in? I followed all the guides, and it still doesn't seem to work right.
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  2. try using an earlier version of Tmpge.
    Hail to the king baby!
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  3. Also what template are you using?
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  4. nevermind, I found out that there was some decoders in the dvd2avi program that messed up my windows media player, so I just disabled them. thanks for helping though.

    On another matter, my sig updates and shows everybody what I am listening too.. Cool eh?
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