I have five minidvd discs with video recorded on a canon camera.

I want to strip the video and audio from various parts of these discs.

I then want to put them back together and author new full size dvds.

I know how to author dvds...ie take clips and put on dvd with menus and chapters etc.

My question is ..what is the best way to strip various sections off the 5 mini dvds
and then be able to join them??

I suppose what I am saying is get the video out of the VOBs as one continous stream of mpeg2 video and audio.

I have tried Decrypter...in IFO mode ...with stream processing ticked ...then selecting both direct stream copy and demux modes.
Demux seems to give the video and audio streams.
Direct stream copy seems to give the video and audio in one stream..ie together.
I assume I can then just change the tag from vob to mpg??

So I could take the Direct stream copy output and edit in Womble MPG video wizard?

Is this the best method ...or are there better or easier methods??

Also if I strip the 5minidvds...will joining the various clips(mpeg2video with mpeg1 audio)
have any issues of being out of sync...the audio that is...to consider??

Finally because this was about editing etc of home video stuff that
this was the right forum area...if I was wrong please let me know which area would be best.