Clips and Bits have launched their DVD on Demand solution OneDVD. The "white branded" solution allows footage holders the chance to sell an infinate range of DVD titles without having to go throught the typical authoring and duplication/replication model of DVD production. The choice of whats is on the DVD is down to the customer of the client, who creates a compilation list via a web based interface called the "Coreviewer". The DVD is automatically published by Clips and Bits in-house production facility and dispatched by courier or mail to the customer. The customer can choice differenct menu backgrounds, music and can add specific text to the menu and printed DVD. The OneDVD solution also does a zero inventory "single disc" production where an image of the DVD is held on their systems and produced automatically when required, again saving inventory and stock. Clips and Bits provides all elements of the solution from Web front end and integration, artwork, footage preparation and management.

Site that are using the serice include

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