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    I've copied a couple dvds of mine to my computer, and was curious how I can get them to play on my ps3. I'm using DVDFab to rip the movies. The files are in .vob format, and I'm guessing I need them in avi or mpeg format.

    I currently use WMP 11 for audio, and it seems to work well. If there a seperate program I need to use to convert the files into the correct format, or can I use another program to let me view these files? I've heard people using tveristy, but I'd rather stick to WMP if possible.

    My end goal is to copy all my music and movies to a 1tb drive and use the ps3 to act as a media center and view the movies. Thanks in advance.
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    I use TVersity. I couldn't get WMP to stream and VLC lacked the interface I wanted. Sony isn't going to play well with Windows stuff anyway. Since both my PC and the PS3 are using copper GbE (with a Gb router of course) I get pretty great quality streams between them. The interface for the PS3 is pretty basic but I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before that's resolved by PS3 fanatics (or perhaps it already has).
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