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  1. I have been using Ulead Video Studio 7 to edit some videos, but I have decided that I don't like the rendered output quality that Video Studio outputs, and the smart render feature isn't that good. I have heard about GOP trimming programs that don't re-render the MPG like Womble Mpeg Video Wizard and I would like to output with them. But it would take me a long time to re-edit the videos again in another program when I have already done it in Video Studio.

    What I want to do is to open up the Ulead Video Studio *.vsp project file in another editing program so I don't have to spend loads of time re-editing. Of course, other editing programs don't just let you open up a project file from a competitor. The project files just contain the file location of the source MPG files and the various markin/markout times for all the video clips. With Womble MPEG Video Wizard project files, you can open up the project file in Wordpad, and it is just plain text so it would be straight forward to develop a small program that can generate a Womble MPEG Video Wizard project file.

    However, when I open up a Video Studio *.vsp project file in Wordpad, the text is all garbled, it has been encoded somehow. My plan is to try and develop a small program that can convert Videostudio project files into project files that other programs like Womble Mpeg video Wizard can understand so then I won't have to re-edit all over again. So does anyone know how I can decode the garbled information in a Ulead Videostudio .*vsp project file?
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    You can't. You might be able to output to a lossless format, then encode with something better later, but you can't convert your project files to a format readable by another application.
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