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  1. Hi all - hardware question.

    I have an Echo Mia in my PC and have the S/PDIF output from my Comcast Motorola HD box going to my Echo Mia's S/PDIF input. When I inmute and listen to the digital audio, its just digital noise. How can I decode it?
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  2. What you are hearing is a raw DD Wave file. You need an AC3 decoder for this, or else use SPDIF pass-thru and run it to an AC3 capable amp.

    You may be able to record this and then convert to AC3 with BeSweet, but not in real-time.

    PowerDVD will play these files, but for real-time I think AC3 Filter will work. I know it can be done, I have an X-Fi card and can listen to these in real-time. Honestly don't know what is handling the playback, current setup does not have ac3filter installed and it works. I mainly record them as opposed to live listening.
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  3. OK - AC3Filter sounds like something I've used before with AC-3 encoded anime, but will it decode in realtime regardless if there's an app loaded or not - like its at the driver level or something? Didn't know it could do that.

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  4. Pretty sure it is designed to decode in real-time, I know the re-direction effects work that way. As I said, I'm not using it currently as it's not needed on my PC.

    One possible piece of bad news. Some sound cards will use the SPDIF connector ONLY in pass-thru mode, that is, the only output is SPDIF-out. Sounds like your card is much like my old M-Audio 2496 card, which will internally re-route, apparently. I could never test this as the SPDIF-in was defective on mine.
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