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  1. hello i got a few 720p .MKV movies and im using TVersity to stream them to my 32" Sharp Aquos but everytime i try i get this file is not compatible with the xbox 360 blah blah blah ive got the proper codecs installed the videos run fine on my computer so i know that cant be an issue does anyone know if TVersity even supports .MKV? id also like to note i got a few 720p .WMV files and they play just fine through windows media player and TVersity
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    I have got some mkvs working when I use tversity to my 360 and set it to reconvert to wmv but my computer is too slow to realtime convert. BUt most mkvs wont work at all, I'm now trying gotsent to see if it can make a mp4 from the mkv that work better.

    And try search or ask in the tversity forum.
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  3. thanks baldrick ill have a look around the only thing i can come up with to solve this SO FAR is to convert them all to .WMV or .MP4 and according to megui its gonna take 15 hours for a 2 pass 720p .WMV encode
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    Here you can find a tutorial how to stream .mkv to your 360 using TVersity:

    It's in german but I'll try to give you the important steps translated:

    1. Uninstall every codec you have on your System (XviD, DivX, K-Lite Codec Package...)
    2. Download and Install TVersity (DO NOT Install the TVersity Codec Pack - uncheck the box at the end of the installation)
    3. Download and Install FFDShow Rev.1751 (During the installation, set 2.0 Stereo Speaker - otherwise it won't work)
    4. Download and Install Haali Media Splitter
    5. Download and Install AC3 Filter 1.46
    6. Restart your computer.
    7. Startup TVersity and go to the Settings Tab
    8. Choose "Xbox 360" as Media Playback Device
    9. Move to the Transcoder Settings and change them (check my link, there you can find a table with the correct settings)

    That's all... Please let me know if that works.
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    Thanks,will give it a go.How do i remove all codecs from my system and wheres your link?
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