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    I wondered if anyone has got round this?

    I created a new user account with admin rights on my winxp laptop named Video Editing with the view of setting it up to use the bare essentials for video editing - like no anti-virus running, firewall turned off, no TSR's running in background, no screensaver etc. The idea being that when I want to do video editing, I just switch accounts (log out and back in the video editing account). But when I set everthing up in the Video Editing account and logged back in to my main account, all the same things had been disabled! I thought you could set up each account differently?

    Wasn't sure where to post this topic?

    If I can't do this within windows, is there any software to set this up, like a configuration utility?

    Can anyone advise on how to do this please?

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    If the new account is a administrator account, I believe it will override the settings of the other accounts. And if you are shutting off your firewall and antivirus, I would also disable your internet connection or you would be open for malware.

    But others may have a solution.

    And since this is a computer question, moving you to our Computer forum.

    And welcome to our forums.
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    Processes are typically only started during bootup. So after logging into an account that stops a process, the only way to get the process restarted would be to reboot (as opposed to logging out of the user account and into another account). I've never set up seperate accounts myself, so I'm not totally sure that will solve your problem.

    Being a gamer, I've always tried to be vigilant and keep the basic TSR's from running (such as programs that autostart: qtime, winamp, etc.) and there was a time when I used to diasable all of the Windows TSR's that I didn't need. But I've never noticed much if any speed improvement from all the hassle. If anything, I've only noticed slightly quicker boot times.
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