How to convert a DVD to IpoD MP4 with permanent / burntin subtitles.

Tools required:
Fairuse Wizard ($20) from ( You need the full version and it wont work with the free version from either )
AnyDVD($30) or DVDDecrypter(free)

If you want to convert from a commercial dvd you must either use AnyDVD and just run it in the background. Or use DVDDecrypter to rip the full DVD to one iso file but it may not work with newer DVDs.

Type a name for the project and choose a folder, you need a lot hd space.
Select iPod Video under the "Encoding speed" dropdown.
Hit Next

Select your DVD Drive or open the iso file if you use DVD Decrypter
Choose the main movie
Hit Next

Select the main movie title
Hit Next

Select the subtitle stream to include
Hit Next

Select Auto Detect
Hit next

Adjust video resolution, you can just leave it to the default
Nit Next