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    OK. I know that this has got to be possible (thinking positively), but how. I am working on a project where I'm digitizing multiple short features from beta cam to re-export to avi for the web. The problem is there are some music tracks in these shorts that are copyrighted material. The client has asked if these can be removed and new music (royalty free ofcourse) added.

    The question: Is there a way to remove the music score without affecting the dialog in a previously packaged format (.avi)?

    FYI: budget is not the concern at the's wheter or not it's even possible. Thanks for any help.

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    No, not without an expenditure of a rediculous amount of time & $$$$, and even then, the results may not be acceptable to you (this is still a VERY experimental/cutting edge are of Neural/DSP research).

    A. Live with the recording as-is, but get copyright license to use in your project. (Cost could be anywhere between FREE and ~$100k)
    B. Remove ALL audio and re-create the dialog/conversation (overdub/ADR).
    C. Use different material...
    D. Get new originals from sources that DON'T have music on them (shouldn't be too difficult unless orig. prod. company were terrible archivers).
    E. Use as-is and CHANCE that it won't be a problem (not the best recommendation!).

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