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    i have searched everywhere and unable to get a solution.

    i am trying to combine 2 dvd into 1 through reauthoring them.

    so far video and audio is sucessful. BUT i cannot bring over the original subtitles. (they are chinese and eng sub.) Are there any simple way to bring them over in dvd lab pro into my project?

    Tried using to individually use subrip to extraxt eng sub, but the chinese sub is giving me headache.

    Am i wrong in anyway? Is there a shortcut that i can bring in the sub from the original disc?
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  2. Hi-

    What format subs are you making using SubRip? Some text based format, such as SRT? Doesn't DVDLab Pro accept subs in some image-based format, like SON or SST (SON, I think)? I don't know, as I don't use DVDLab Pro. But I'm pretty sure it does. And if so, save your subs in one of those formats. No OCR needed, you'll have the original DVD Subs, and you want have any problem with the Chinese subs.
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