I have an Intensity pro capturing PAL video from a multi format VCR. I have run into some problems and I would like to know if anyone else has too.
When capturing every now and then a message pops up saying no video input. Also the video capture is generally too vibrant. (Bright colors bleeding).
I have used my old DV500+ to capture from the same VCR with no problems. I would use the DV500+ to capture these old tapes but it has terrible problems with audio going out of sync.
My Intensity has no problem capturing a DVD source through component and from my HD camcorder using HDMI.
Anyone have any idea whats going on because Black Magic Design don't and in their last email they even went and said that I might not be able to capture from composite at all with this card. (Wish they had advertised that)
I havent tried another VCR as It needs to be a multi format machine so I can copy my UK tapes.
So anyone who knows how to fix this problem and the one about the colours being too bright Id greatly appreciate it.