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    Asafs AVI TV Episodes to VCD-DVD guide

    This guide is intended to show how to encode AVI/MPEG/WMV to slightly modified VCD video files so that they fit on a DVD
    and playable on a DVD player.
    I have always wanted an easy way to convert AVI files of my favorite series and convert them all at once so that
    they would fit on a DVD. This method is similar to batch processing of 8 AVI episodes of 42 minutes each so that they fit onto a single DVD.
    By following this guide the video will be in VCD quality and approx 336 minutes and can be put on a single DVD-5.

    Software required

    Goldwave 5.20
    DVD-lab Pro 2.0
    TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress

    Goldwave 5.20

    Goldwave -> File -> Batch Processing

    Add Files (add your avi files)(recommend 8 episodes at a time)

    Folder -> Store all files in this folder -> (set your destination folder).
    Process ->Add Effect [+]Goldwave ->[+]Match volume -> Modern, -16dB -> Add -> Close.

    Convert -> Convert files to this format -> Wave(*.wav) -> PCM signed 16 bit, stereo Rate(Hz) 48000.

    Preset ->MatchVolume ->[+] -> Begin

    This only needs to be done for first time only, later just add your movie files and select the MatchVolume preset that will use the saved settings.

    The unique feature of Goldwave is that it can load the audio of AVI movie files especially AC3 correctly. Using the MatchVolume feature above ensures that all your movies will have the same audio volume, also known as Normalized audio.

    TMPGEnc 3.0 Xpress

    Set Source
    Set Source -> Add File -> (select your files) -> Open -> (OK to All)

    Ensure all files have same frame rate (remove if different or at your own risk)

    Set Output

    Output stream Type -> ES (Video only, no sound)

    Video -> Stream Format -> MPEG-1 Video
    Size -> 352 by 240
    Aspect ratio -> Pixel 4:3(NTSC)
    FrameRate -> 29.97 fps

    Gop Structure -> Maximum frame number per GOP -> 12

    Ensure (Closed GOP) ENABLED

    save template ->vcd-dvd30

    Location - \My Documents\TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress\Template\Export


    Output path -> Output clips separately -> (select your destination location) Encode -> Encoder Setting -> Preview frequency -> No preview.
    Output status -> Start output

    These settings are my best widescreen settings
    Enable preview to test, then disable preview for speed
    Aim to get black borders top and bottom 1 mouse pointer high.
    other settings 352x288
    Rename .m1v to .mpv for use in DVD Lab

    DVD-lab Pro 2.0

    The unique feature of DVD-Lab is in its ability to add modified VCD MPEG-1 video/audio streams and wrap them into the DVD format. Doing so allows around 6 hours of video on a DVD.

    Default Project NTSC -> OK

    Movie -> Add new
    (repeat for 8 episodes)

    Project panel -> [+] Project -> [+] VTS 1 ->[+] menus -> Menu 1 (double click)

    Assets panel -> Backgrounds -> select image (any) -> drag and drop onto black menu screen

    Menu 1 panel -> Properties ->PBC -> Duration -> 60

    menu 1 panel -> Aa (Text button) ->click on menu canvas -> popup Edit Text -> size 30
    -> set text as 'Episode 1x01'
    -> OK

    (repeat for 8 episodes)

    Title size 75, series size 30
    Optional Link->lock position

    menu 1 panel -> select 'Episode 1'
    menu 1 panel -> properties -> Link -> Button Link -> down arrow -> Movie 1 -> chapter 1 movie start

    menu 1 panel -> select 'Episode 2'
    menu 1 panel -> properties -> Link -> Button Link -> down arrow -> Movie 2 -> chapter 2 movie start

    (repeat for 8 episodes)

    Ensure rename of all mpeg-1 video streams from .m1v to .mpv

    assets panel -> video & audio ->import files -> select mpv file -> ok -> WARNING window -> OK

    (repeat for 8 episodes)

    Tools -> Quick-lab MPEg encoder -> Audio source -> [...] -> select wav file -> OK

    Quick-lab MPEG encoder -> start

    (repeat for 8 episodes)

    Quick-lab MPEG encoder -> Exit

    settings for converted audio - bitrate 224, 48 khz, mpeg layer-2

    assets panel -> video & audio ->import files -> select mp2 file -> OK

    (repeat for 8 episodes)

    Project panel -> [+] Project -> [+] VTS 1 ->[+] menus -> Menu 1 (double click)

    assets panel -> video & audio -> select movie1.mpv -> drag and drop -> movie 1 window

    assets panel -> video & audio -> select movie1.mp2 -> drag and drop -> movie 1 window

    movie -> auto chapters -> OK

    Settings for auto chapters - sensitivity 220, add 10 chapters

    Project panel -> [+] Project -> [+] VTS 1 ->[+] menus -> Menu 2 (double click)

    assets panel -> video & audio -> select movie2.mpv -> drag and drop -> movie 2 window
    assets panel -> video & audio -> select movie2.mp2 -> drag and drop -> movie 2 window
    movie -> auto chapters -> OK

    (repeat for 8 episodes)


    connections -> show connections

    connections ->movie1 (select movie 1 film strip)

    connections -> movie 1 -> endlink ->movie 2

    connections ->movie2 (select movie 2 film strip)
    connections -> movie2 -> endlink ->movie 3

    (repeat for 7 episodes)

    Last movie is untouched so that it returns back to root menu


    Project -> compile dvd -> start

    Burn dvd created using your dvd writing software.

    Final menu

    8 Episodes were chosen so that a complete season of up to 24 episodes can be put on 3 DVDs.
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  2. Hello my friend, Im a beginner, and Im trying to do this, but here is what is happening:
    my original avi files are
    60 minutes long
    192kbps bitrate
    23 frames per second
    178kbps data rate
    and coded with DivX

    then when i take out the audio it measures like 500M, and the video the same.
    and it looks like I only can get 3 episodes in a DVD, that would be like 180 minutes not 300
    any clues of what im doing wrong?
    Thanks for your help.
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    The large wav file needs to be converted to MP2 file format which will reduce the file size quite a bit.

    look under Quick-lab MPEG encoder details above.
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    Hi, Thanks for the great guide. I'm having a little difficulty getting DVD Lab Pro to recognize my mpeg files/rename them to .mpv from the .m1v format. After using TMPGEnc to encode the video clips I tried renaming them to .mpv but it just added the ".mpv" to the name and kept the files as the .m1v extension. Is there a better way to do this, I'm noob. Thanks in advance.

    Im using TMPENC 4.0 and Vista x64 if it makes a difference. Thanks!
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    The system I am using is Windows XP SP2. I have not tested the software on Vista. TMPENC 4.0 should be ok.

    Please make sure the file extension is the one being changed and not the name.

    Have a look at Tools->Folder options ->View-> Hide extensions for known filetypes is UNCHECKED. OK.

    Right click file -> rename.

    another option is to create a batch file :

    create a normal text file in notepad type this single line :

    rename *.m1v *.mpv

    then, save as


    You should see a different icon on this file if you did it right. Double click myrenamer.bat. This should rename all m1v files in the current directory to mpv.

    Hope this helps

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