I have tried to back up 2 new copies of the First Movie of Resident Evil, 2002 and it simply will not work.
I have tried:
-Ripping with Any DVD Ripper and it stops
-combo of Any DVD and Clone DVD, both current versions as of this date and I get the Error at 75% "cyclic redundancy check."
Both movies are new, Region 1 and 4 and one was bought here in the city and another back east in our capital of Ottawa. There are No scratches.
-DVDFabDeccypter simply stops with an error
-Shrink won't read it, it simply stops.

Both movies play in my burner and my dvd player and I have tried with the better halfs Burner which is a Sony and that was with DVDFabDecrypter as she does not have Any DVD on her notebook and her Sony Burner would not read it???

I am totally frustrated as I see comments about the Apocalypse Resident Evil...that is the 2nd movie that was in 2004 and it seems that there was a great process to go through to do a back up.

I thought by now that Any DVD Ripper would handle this movie??

I bought it for 2 of our Teens who are going to a Halloween Party and wanted it as there is a new commercial movie version to come out shortly.

I really would appreciate comments, thankyou.

BTW with the first version, VOB Blanker was apparently needed, however I hope that is not the case here as I don't have a Clue about the program.