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    r0lZ - PgcEdit homepage Hosted by VideoHelp (Thanks Baldrick)
    - BD3D2MK3D A tool to convert 3D BD to 3D SBS/T&B/FS MKV
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  2. Originally Posted by r0lZ View Post
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    The added subs are playing correctly now. Thanks
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  3. Ohhhhhh.My.God. Dude.... THANK YOU SO MUCH! You practically saved our souls with this post! I've been trying to watch Xanadu with my mom since many many years ago, and I was never able to because, despite my sincerest efforts, I was never able to get it to work with Arabic subtitles.... (And yes I know there are simpler workarounds that involve using a pirated copy of the film and whatnot, BUT ITS XANADU, IT HAS TO BE PERFECT!). Now we can finally watch it as it was meant to be watched. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! MWAAAAAAAAH! Image
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