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    Originally Posted by LaurieB View Post
    AVStoDVD now only loads Lav filters.
    However I still get the same audio delay.

    With the exception of the removal of K lite this is pretty much where I started from I believe.
    Well, now the audio and video durations match which they didn't before. Still getting the same audio delay is of course disappointing...

    I still think that if a source file plays without issues on various players then AVStoDVD should be able to convert it correctly. MP4 files sometimes do contain meta data which MediaInfo does not interpret correctly. For problematic MP4 files I often had success after repacking them to MKV using MKVToolnix. Worth a try...
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    Just as an update and to thankyou for your help.
    I tried recapturing at a different frame rate as per davexnet suggestion but unfortunately results were worse.
    So I bought a firewire card and Windows 10 picked it up immediately and installed a driver.
    Recapturing with the firewire card and setting both VLC and the subsequently AVStoDVD to defaults gave perfect results with no audio synch problems and much improved colours.

    Again thankyou for your suggestions and help.
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