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  1. A necessary declaration. I did a search on forums and I intend to do it again. Some solutions were tried. If I failed to find some already-discussed topic -- I'm really sorry.

    There is a batch of .mkv files, which i intend to turn into a batch of dvd's. Unfortunately, these files were coded in VFR.

    The first attempt by means of avi_tc brought no result. Every time avi_tc failed with following error message

    CLI Output:
    tc2cfr v1.5 by tritical.
    Descernable number of framrates: 340 (min = 0.352589 fps).
    v1 timecode file type detected.
    Invalid frame range detected in v1 timecode file (0-1535).
    I tried both mkv2vfr and MkvExtractGui to get timecode. Tried to convert timecodes between formats. No result besides this message.

    I faced this problem before, failed to solve it, and reverted to Avisynth.

    I made a following script

    DirectShowSource("filename.mkv", fps=25, convertfps=true)
    Last time I needed to deal with VFR it worked.
    But this time no application plays file with it -- VirtualDub says that "no video stream found" and MediaPlayerClassic starts to play sound with no video.

    File is 100% working. Both playing and extracting of video go on normally. Tried to load it into Windows Media Player -- except funny attempt to play two soundtrack at once -- it is played.

    SUPER says following about file's video part

    Codec : XviD
    Codec/Family : MPEG-4
    Codec/Info : XviD project

    So -- does anyone have any insights on any way to get these files into obedience?

    Thanks beforehand!!
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    Read the ffmpegsource thread

    Supposed to work pretty well with VFR sources. Never tried it on MKV files, but other have.
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    AviSynth is the right way to do it. It is also necessary to make DirectShow filters work properly:
    a) provide playback of that file type;
    b) make them loaded at loading the script into VDub and your encoder

    I had recently a similar problem with one mkv file and one particular rm file. Playback worked in MPC (FFDShow+Haali Media Splitter and RealAlternative installed) and files opened in Vdub but not in AVSP and CCE. After I installed latest FFDShow, it started to pop up a window offering to load itself at opening the script in either application and this solved the problem. The convertfps parameter in DirectShowSource will take care of VFR.
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  4. Thanks for your help guys!

    A night of frantic experiments resulted in... third solution.

    If troublesome MKV is re-muxed without sound or subtitles -- it is played fine.
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  5. DirectShowSource("filename.mkv", fps=25, convertfps=true)
    Tried this code, but Synth says that the "convertfps" argument doesn't exist for "directshowsource".

    (I'm using AviSynth v2.55, VirtualDubMod, and CCCP)

    I made an error about which version of Synth I was using. Now corrected.
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  6. where bananas go to church...
    ...a monkey will be their preacher
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  7. Originally Posted by sweetfreek
    ...I'm using AviSynth v2.55 ...
    Why You use old 2.5.5?
    Please download latest stable Avisynth 2.5.7 (eventually unstable 2.5.8 ).
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