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    I have two AVI files and I want to join them together using svcd2dvd.

    I have added both files and it converts them to fit onto a 4.7 GB DVD no problem. The problem arises when I play the DVD in a DVD player. On other programs such as DVD Santa and convert x to DVD there is a slight pause (similar to the pause you sometimes get with dual layer films) and it resumes playing the second converted AVI file almost seamlessly.

    With svcd2dvd it freezes and I have to press the next chapter button on my DVD player to resume playing. I cannot join the AVI's together because they have different audio rates.

    So is there anyway to join the two converted AVI files together so that there is no pause at all or is there a setting on svcd2dvd so that there is only a slight pause instead of the disc freezing completely. The setting I am using currently is quick DVD.
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  2. Post your log for the run. If you are putting both files in the same VTS it should run seamlessly.

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    You could try the "Merge Titles" option in the settings...
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    heres a way not the quickiest but it works for me you will end up
    with a avi containing ac3 2 channel audio
    you will need these all free


    load the first avi into ffmpeg gui
    it will extract the audio then change the audio setting to
    format ac3
    bitrate your choice
    sampling rate 48000
    audio channels 2
    then browse to where you want to save it and give it a name then click save button
    now just click the convert button
    when done do the same with the second avi

    now load up virtualdubmod load the first avi
    if you get the error pop up to change the header click no
    now click video/direct stream copy
    now click streams/streams list
    when the available streams window appears click disable button
    bottom right then ok button
    now click file/save as
    give it a name then press save button
    when finished do this with the second avi
    now you should now have 2 video and 2 audio only files

    now you load the first video in click video/direct stream copy
    now when you click streams/streams list click add button
    and load the converted audio file from ffmpeg gui you made earlier and press ok
    now goto file/append segment
    when new window appears choose the second avi video only file and click open
    then click streams/streams list
    and add your second audio file and press ok
    now save as your new file
    this then should load into svcd2dvd
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    Originally Posted by ChrissyBoy
    You could try the "Merge Titles" option in the settings...
    Ha! I did and it is seamless, thank you!
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