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  1. I have a set of workout DVDs that are about 30 mins long each.

    Each of these DVD only consist of 3 chapters each.

    1 - at the start
    2 - at about the 15 mins point
    3 - one for the credits

    Well, the workout doesn't begin until about the 7:00 min point on each disc as the trainer "babbles" for 7 mins about what we're going to do. I'd like to rip the disk and start it at the point that the workout begins rather than spend 2-3 FF to the 7min point.

    Are there any tools that will rip a DVD like that? I know I could rip the whole thing, edit / cut, re-encode, etc...but I'm trying to avoid that. I know DVDFab can rip on chapters, but that doesn't work with these.

    Any recommendations?

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  2. Well, you won't have to reencode, but you will have to put the entire DVD on the hard drive, edit (meaning cut out the parts you don't want), process, and burn to disc again. You can use DVD Shrink for the job, or VobBlanker. I prefer VobBlanker. Here's a guide:
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  3. Thanks. I've used DVD Shrink for years for reencoding and shrinking, but I had no idea it could strip on time.

    I'll look into both applications.
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    Non-free, but good, editors that could be used for this task include MPEGVCR and VideoReDo, both of which are "try before you buy".
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