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  1. I had been using the MMC 9.15 on my AIW 9600XT for capturing. I experienced the strange doubling of verticle resolution on the captured files, and I didn't like that it no longer showed the amount of dropped frames while recording. Read about the resolution doubling here:
    So after reading that I have decided to roll back to catalyst 6.2 and mmc 9.08, to clear up these problems. So I used the ATI uninstaller and driver cleaner pro, then tried to reinstall the older drivers. Installing the cat 6.2 went fine, but when installing the first file for the mmc (9-08_mmc_uci.exe) it partially installs and then freezes up when installing MDAC. It gets stuck and goes no further. Any solutions? I just want to get good 'ole 9.08 back.
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    Ah ... good 'ol ATI crap.

    Any chance you can use system restore to roll back to a point before you installed that later version?
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  3. Well I can't do that because I upgraded the drivers with a fresh XP install quite a while ago. I just havent done any capturing until now. I would agree that ATI is crap if they are going to eliminate features with newer drivers (and introduce a resolution bug), as I always thought the latest ones were the ones to have. Anyway I thought that maybe there was still some ATI stuff left over after the uninstall, so I went through the registry and deleted all I could find. But it still wouldn't work. During the install it still hung up in the same spot. While it was frozen I checked the processes running and found the one causing the problem, maxing the processor at 100%. I ended that process and then the installer continued to install the rest of the drivers as normal. I tested everything and all seemed to work, including capturing, so I dont know I guess its ok. It hung up at "installing MDAC" so Im not sure if I got that, or what MDAC is or if I need it. I guess I will leave it as it is and hope for the best.
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