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    I'm interested in trying to rip certain segments of a DVD and have them play in slow motion, preferably also in DVD format, but avi or something else should be fine, also. I know how to rip parts of a DVD with DVDShrink, but I am stuck on the slow-motion part.

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    You might try a full forum search for ' create slow motion '. Here's one, mostly about AVI-DV, but it has quite a bit of info:

    And welcome to our forums.
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    You can't obtain "real" slowmotion like you see it on TV from a 23.976 or 29.970 fps source.
    If you play this by e.g. 1/4 speed, you just repeating four times the same frame.
    Real slow-motion is recorded at a higher speed and then played back at normal speed.
    VirtualDub can repeat frames but it works with AVI. I don't know if there's a tool that could do it for a MPEG-2 stream.

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